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 A relatrionship that is heartfelt and sorrowful....

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SHould I worry?
No, believe in him and he'll be fine
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No, he's gonna die so shut up (you better not pick this one -.-)
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Yes, You love him dearly and you should pray he'll pull through.
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Yes, even if he dies, believe in your love until the end.
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Just shut up, we don't care (not this one either -.- lol)
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PostSubject: A relatrionship that is heartfelt and sorrowful....   Sun Oct 25, 2009 10:15 pm

OK, I wanna let you all know of the latest in my love life....Well my bf "iggy" (his cute nickname lol) is in the hospital.....and i'm so very see....he's been extremely ill for a while....i know he's like superhuman.....he is so skinny but he is very very strong...he's also a blacksmith...well i just feel upset....that's all......I love iggy very much and he is so dear to me....i don't wanna lose him......*cries*

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A relatrionship that is heartfelt and sorrowful....
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