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 The Gods, Goddesses, and their Children (Short Story)

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PostSubject: The Gods, Goddesses, and their Children (Short Story)   Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:42 pm

I was bored one morning and i was waiting until it was time for school. I came up with this story, tell me what you think.

The Gods, Goddesses, and their Children

“Artemis, what has been going on?” Athena asked.
“I do not know sister,” Artemis replied.
“Do you think it has something to do with your daughter?” Nyx asked.
“No! It isn’t her!” Artemis snapped.
“It could be since you let her run around the mortal world living like a human when she should be learning her duties as a Goddess,” Athena said.
“I’m letting my daughter be free. Look at your children, they aren’t happy. My daughter is since she gets to be free.” Artemis said.
“Your daughter will end up revealing us to the mortal world!” Aphrodite snapped.
“How dare you say that about my daughter! I can tear you apart if I have to!” Artemis hissed.
“Silence!!” Apollo yelled.
The room went dead silent.
“Husband…” muttered Artemis.
“My daughter is not at fault in this matter, she’s being what me and Artemis wanted her to be. Human.” Apollo said.
“My apologies Apollo” Aphrodite said as she bowed.
“Why do you harass my wonderful wife?” Apollo asked.
“Every bad things that’s happened has been connected to her,” Aphrodite replied.
Apollo suddenly slapped Aphrodite.
“Let that be a lesson that my wife Artemis, and my daughter, Victoria, have done nothing wrong to anyone,” Apollo said.
“I-I’m sorry Apollo and Artemis,” Aphrodite said.
“It’s quite alright Aphrodite,” Artemis said softly.
“Come on Artemis. We should go back to watching over Victoria,” Apollo said.
“Alright dear,” Artemis said.
And they both walked off.
“I was expecting you to get slapped Aphrodite,” Athena said.
“Well you’re the goddess of battle strategy so why didn’t you stop him?” Aphrodite asked.
“I will not get on Apollo’s bad side,” Athena replied.
“Whatever, let’s leave sisters,” Nyx said.
“Alright,” the other two replied.
“This is why you don’t you don’t mess with a god, goddess, or their child,” Athena said as they walked out.
And they left, leaving the room quiet and empty.
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The Gods, Goddesses, and their Children (Short Story)
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